We invest heavily in training, which ensures that that our team is the best trained in the industry, we hold certifications with the worlds’ leading security and IT companies. Our team is the backbone of NAV and we stand behind their ability to deliver the highest levels of service and support.

Here is a list of our certifications. For your convenience, the first section lists our Video certifications, the second section lists our Access Control certifications, and the third section lists all other certifications. Each section is alphabetic first by manufacturer, then by certification.

If you don’t see a particular certification that you are looking for, please contact us for the latest information.

Video Certifications

Video Manufacturer Certifications
American Dynamics Intellex & Network Client Certification Course
American Dynamics MegaPower 1024, 3200 & Domes
American Dynamics Victor and VideoEdge
Avigilon Field Technician
Avigilon Level 1
Avigilon Level 2
AXIS AXIS Certified Professional in network video
AXIS Communications’ Academy Fundamentals 2-day training
BOSCH G Series Control Communicator
Covi Covi Crystal Certified
Dallmeier Enterprise System Workshop
Dallmeier SeMSyIII Workshop
Datacom Systems CSE Technician
Genetec AutoVu Technical Certification Training
Genetec SC-OTC-001-5.1
Honeywell Active Alert
Honeywell Advanced Camera
Honeywell Advanced TCP-IP
Honeywell Basic CCTV
Honeywell Basic Max1000 Training
Honeywell Basic TCP-IP
Honeywell Casino Operator
Honeywell Enterprise Certified Installer
Honeywell Enterprise Certified Installer Course w MaxPro VMS
Honeywell Enterprise Certified Installer with VMS Integration
Honeywell Enterprise DVR Series Installation Seminar
Honeywell Fusion DVR
Honeywell HRDP
Honeywell HRG-Digital Video Recorder
Honeywell HRGX
Honeywell HRXD
Honeywell IP Embedded NVR
Honeywell MaxPro NVR
Honeywell MaxPro NVR & MaxPro VMS
Honeywell MaxPro VMS 101
Honeywell Maxpro VMS Certified Installer Training
Honeywell MaxproVMS Installer Course
Honeywell Network Troubleshooting
Honeywell Rapid Eye
Honeywell RapidEye Report
Honeywell Self-Paced Active Alert
Honeywell Self-Paced Advanced TCP-IP
Honeywell Self-Paced Basic CCTV
Honeywell Self-Paced Basic TCP-IP
Honeywell Self-Paced Casino Operator
Honeywell Self-Paced HD3MDIP/HD4MDIP
Honeywell Self-Paced MaxPro NVR
Honeywell Self-Paced Network Troubleshooting
Honeywell Self-Paced Port Forwarding
Indigo Vision Indigo Vision IP Security Conference NY 200
Indigo Vision Indigo Vision Value Proposition Training
Lenel Digital Video On-Guard
LTC Training Center Application and Design of CCTV
LTC Training Center Installation/Field Service of CCTV
Milestone Xprotect Expert 2013 and Xprotect Corporate 2013
Milestone Xprotect Expert 2013 and Xprotect Corporate 2013 Cert#1562413
NICE NICE Situator R7.2
NICE Nice Version 10.8 Technical
NICE Nice Vision Net 2.5
NICE NiceVision Net2
NICE NiceVision Version 10
NICE NiceVision Version 10.5
NICE NiceVision Version 10.7
OnSSI Ocularis Boot Camp
Pelco Basic Installation
Pelco Cable Basics
Pelco Camera Basics
Pelco CM9700 Advanced Systems
Pelco CM9700 Certification Training
Pelco CM9700 Dealer Installation Certification
Pelco CM9700 Installation Certification
Pelco CM9770-CM9780 Product Information
Pelco Digital Sentry Quiz
Pelco Digital Solutions
Pelco Endura Certification
Pelco Endura Quiz
Pelco Endura Update
Pelco Introduction to Networks
Pelco Introduction to Video Security Systems
Pelco Lens Basics
Pelco Megapixel Technology Basics
Pelco Monitor Basics
Pelco NET5400T Encoders for Endura
Pelco Network Fundamentals for Video Security I
Pelco Network Fundamentals for Video Security II
Pelco Partner Advantage Sales Associate
Pelco Partner Advantage Technician I
Pelco Pelco Certified System Designer -PCSD
Pelco Pelco Certified System Technician -PCSD
Pelco Pelco Certified System Technician -PCST
Pelco PTZ Systems Quiz
Pelco Recording System Basics
Pelco Sarix IP Cameras
Pelco Sarix IP Quiz
Pelco Special Endura 2.0 Systems Design
Pelco Troubleshooting the World of Video Security Systems
Pelco Video Mgmt Quiz
Pelco Video Security System Design
Pelco Video Transmission Quiz
Pelco VMX300 Certification
Pelco-Endura Pelco Certified System Designer -PCSD
Pelco-Endura Pelco Certified System Technician -PCST
Pivot3 Pivot3 Certification Training
Salient CompleteView Video Management System Version 4
Synectics Installer Level Accreditation Exam
Verint Nextiva 6.3 Certification Training
Verint VIS 202: Nextiva EdgeVR Certification Training
VIDEONEXT Certificate of Technical Qualification

Access Certifications

Access Control Manufacturer Access Control Certifications
AMAG Symmetry Essentials v6.2
AMAG Symmetry Essentials v7
AndoverControls Continuum Access Course
DSX DSX Certified Technician
Emerge IEI Emerge Tech
GE Security Facility Commander Wnx Certification Course
Honeywell Access 101
Honeywell Access Control 101
Honeywell Honeywell Alarm Basics
Honeywell Legacy Core Access Product Self Paced Tutorials
Honeywell NetAXS
Honeywell NetAXS-123
Honeywell NS2+ w/ WinPak
Honeywell Pro-Watch 4x
Honeywell ProWatch Basic
Honeywell Self-Paced Access 101
Honeywell Self-Paced PW6000 Hardware
Honeywell Total Connect Commercial Sales
Honeywell Total Connect Residential Sales
Honeywell WinPak Integration
Kantech Entrapass Corporate Edition
Lenel Access Contol Essentials On-Guard
Lenel Access Control Essentials Lenel OnGuard 2010 Tech Update
Lenel Access Control Essentials Lenel OnGuard 2013
Lenel Access Control Hardware On-Guard
Lenel CR3000 Advanced Access Control
Lenel CR4000 Digital Video Certified e6.3.249
Lenel CR5000 Extended Products 6.3.249
Lenel CR7000 Enterprise Edition 6.3.249
Lenel Lenel Certified Associate
Lenel Master Certified Lenel OnGuard 2013
Lenel OnGuard Hardware & Software Fundamentals
Lenel Silver Certified DL1000R, DL2000R
Lenel Silver Certified Lenel OnGuard
Lenel Silver Certified Lenel OnGuard 2010 Tech Update
Lenel Silver Certified Lenel OnGuard 2012
Lenel Silver Certified Lenel OnGuard 2013
NBFAA Level 1 Certified Alarm Technician
Open Options Npower DNA Essentials Training Certified Technician
Open Options Open Options Hardware Certified Technician
Software House C-CURE 800 Installer/Maintainer Course
Software House C-CURE 800 System/iStar Technical Training
Software House C-CURE 9000 Advanced Integrator
Software House C-CURE 9000 Advanced System Manager
Software House C-CURE 9000 System Installer/Maintainer
Software House C-CURE System 800 Technical Training Course
Software House Intellex & Network Client Certification Course
WSE WSE Access Control System Training Certificate

Other Certifications

Manufacturer Other Control Certifications
Ahern Safety Trained in Boom, Scissor, and Forklift
ASIS Certificate of Membership
Bicsi ESS110: Designing Electronic Safety and Security Systems v3.0
Bicsi Introduction to Electronic Safety and Security Systems
Bicsi Registered Cabling Installation Technician
Bicsi ITS Design Fundamentals Exam v1.0
Boeing Visual Security Operations Console Sentinel Version 3.2
CertifymeOnline Aerial Lift/Scissor Lift
Cisco Systems Cisco Certified Network Associate
CompTIA A+ Certified Professional IT Tech
CompTIA CompTIA Network+
CompTIA Linux+ Certified Professional
CompTIA RFID+ Certified
CompTIA Security+ Certified Professional
CSPM Certified Security Project Manager
Dell Dell Certified Systems Expert
DRA A+ Certification
DRA Network+
DSC DSC-Power 632
Fiber Optics Advanced Fiber Optic Training Course
GE/NBFAA IFS Comprehensive Design Seminar
Global Knowledge VMWARE VSPHERE: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.5]
HellermanTyton Fiber Connectivity Training
IndigoVIsion 3 Day Certification Training
Limited Energy Resource Center LeapFrog CCTV Installation and Field Service
Limited Energy Resource Center Tennessee Burglar Alarm
Lincoln Technical Institute CAD Technology
Microsoft Systems Engineer
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
MITEL EMC0MPASS Electrical Technologies
NBFAA Fiber Optic Transmission System Design for Designers and Installers
NVT Twisted Pair Training for Casinos
OSHA Construction Safety and Health
OSHA GHS and OSHA Hazardous Communication
OSHA OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety and Health
OSHA OSHA 10 Hour Outreach Training Program-Construction
OSHA OSHA 30 Hour Outreach Training Program-Construction
Paychex Certificate of Safety Training
Paychex Safety Training Aerial Lift, Back Safety, Electrical Safety, Emergency Actions, Fall Protection, Fire Extinguisher, and First Aid
Paychex Safety Training Hazard Communication, Personal Protective Equipment, and Portable Ladders and Mobile Stairs
SIA Certified Security Project Manager
Southwest Microwave The Intrepid Series II
STAM CCTV -A Complete Review
STAM Multimedia Digital Video&Networking
State of NJ State of NJ Alarm/CCTV Installation Certification
Vo-Tech School CADD BASIC

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