Data Rack Cleanup Services

Many server rooms start out small, often with a few servers, but can quickly grow to include multiple servers with miles of cabling and other equipment. Left unmanaged, server rooms can become a mess over time that hinders operations and lead to unnecessary and preventable cost overruns. 

Having well organized cabling in your server room is important for many reasons. First, it allows you to see easily access the servers and equipment in your room to easily facilitate servicing, thus reducing the total cost and time of service. Server equipment with neatly organized cabling also allows for proper airflow to avoid equipment overheating, while also ensuring that server equipment power is accurately distributed.

NAV can ensure that your server room is well planned and organized, ensuring sustained operations. Our services include:

  • Assessing current cabling and network configuration
  • Ensuring proper cable selection
  • Deploying a cable management system
  • Rack and tray installation and service
  • Installation of wire managers
  • Labeling and tagging all current and new wiring 
  • Certifying and documenting and infrastructure
  • Designing systems with future scalability
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