License Plate Recognition

Automated License Plate Recognition Systems (ALPR) are an increasingly popular way for security and law enforcement to take a proactive stance to mitigate crimes and security issues. ALPR cameras and devices allow security teams to scan the plates of vehicles to determine if the cars have been linked to crimes, if drivers have outstanding fines, and more, in their effort to protect people, assets, and property.

Data that is gathered by ALPR systems can be funneled into large databases and shared among law enforcement agencies that use similar programs to create a multi-faceted effort to reduce crime.

ALPR systems are most commonly used on property entrances and in parking facilities to track suspicious vehicles and persons of interest, ensuring that unwanted vehicles do not enter restricted areas by notifying security personnel of their presence.

Advanced ALPR systems can also capture images of a driver’s face, drive-in time and driver’s name, when available. The video and data from these systems can provide video evidence, such as the time of arrival and exit. Operational costs can be minimized in the form of reducing a security team’s time to search through video or to investigate leads.

NAV has assisted in the design, installation and servicing of numerous ALPR systems with leading software solution partners throughout the U.S. Our team can ensure the correct design and installation of an ALPR system that will conform to your specific needs, demands, and requirements.

With advances in technology, it’s now more cost-effective and easier than ever to add ALPR to your security portfolio.


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