Point of Sale Integration

Despite advances in retail security, internal theft and cybersecurity are one of the largest sources of loss for companies who have Point-of-Sale systems. Discount scams on cash transactions, line item voids and more, in addition to the number of cyber criminals that implement skimming devices on POS systems, are increasing day by day.

Physical and cybersecurity is important for your POS systems, as they need to be constantly protected and monitored for unauthorized access.

One way to reduce theft and crime at the POS is by integrating video surveillance and video management software to help prevent losses and liabilities from taking place. The integration of VMS and POS provides a video record of each transaction, or lack of transaction, that can be used to identity the person presenting and using a credit card, an employee failing to charge or undercharging for items, and the direct theft of money from the cash drawer.

Video software can track alerts and search POS data based on predefined transaction types to be used during investigations.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to a smooth POS integration — or integration of any technology type — is connecting disparate systems. Trying to get different systems to talk to one another takes time for all involved parties.

NAV is a premier security systems integrator that has an established reputation for excellence in POS integration services. NAV provides POS hardware and software integration solutions through solutions that are evaluated and recommended with the understanding of the total solution and ultimate goal of the customer. Contact us for advice on how to quickly, efficiently and professionally integrate your POS system.


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