Intercoms and Emergency Call Stations

For a wide range of facilities, including casinos, office buildings, and parking structures as just a few examples, the ability for an employee or visitor to call for help is a critical element of a strong security strategy.

Intercoms and emergency call stations can help to provide a fast communication link to security staff who can take appropriate actions. For example, intercoms can alert building staff when someone needs assistance to enter a building because of issues with the access control system or if the individual has mobility, visual or hearing impairments. Intercoms can be integrated into access readers, access control systems and in barrier gates at entrance and exit points for this purpose. Intercom systems models are available for reception areas, for answering door calls, paging persons in the building, and more.

Emergency call stations can be installed in other areas where staff or visitors might need assistance. Parking lots and garages are often equipped with emergency call stations to facilitate assistance if required. Emergency call stations are also popular choices for multibuilding campus areas, where staff typically travel between buildings on foot and could require assistance.

NAV designs and installs intercom and emergency call station system solutions using robust, high-quality elements from the top manufacturers and suppliers, all of which can be customized to your specific needs.

After the installation, our team will provide all the necessary training for your staff, in addition to any maintenance assistance that you may require, to ensure that your solutions are always working and helping to keep your team safe and secure.


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