Red Bull Arena


The Red Bull Arena is home to the New York Red Bulls Soccer Team, a member of Major League Soccer (MLS). The design of the Arena, which is on par with major soccer stadiums around the world, features a roof that extends past the field’s touchlines and provides coverage from inclement weather. Located in Harrison, New Jersey, the Arena has a seating capacity of 25,000 including 30 luxury sky boxes and 1,000 clubseats. It is within walking distance of the Harrison PATH ( commuter) station, making it accessible via a 15-minute subway ride from New York City.


Large entertainment venues such as the Red Bull Arena require specialized security solutions and experienced system integrators to implement the system. The design/build had to take into account the differences in how the video surveillance and security system would be used on game/event days as opposed to non-game/event days. Additionally, to help ensure complete visual coverage, several of the cameras had to be installed at extreme heights both inside and outside the building. Finally, because management offices are located in the facility, additional security for these private areas of the Arena had to be implemented and integrated into the main system.



Utilizing their extensive background and experience in designing and building video surveillance and security systems for high profile, ultra-sensitive installations, NAV developed a solution with three separate but integrated systems. The design included a video surveillance and access control system for overall monitoring and security of the facility; a specialized video surveillance system for game/event day monitoring, complete with a separate control room; and a card access system with alarm monitoring for management office areas.

The building surveillance system incorporates both fixed and integrated pan/tilt zoom dome cameras, allowing management to monitor and record all internal and external are as of the facility from the control room on a daily basis. Cameras will immediately record activity when an alarm is triggered by the card access system. The game/event day surveillance system utilizes these same cameras as well as additional cameras for more intensive monitoring from a separate control room. A video management control system further enhances monitoring capabilities.

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