The Greenbrier


The Greenbrier is an award-winning resort located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. A National Historic landmark, The Greenbrier’s classic architecture, exquisite interior design, carefully sculpted landscape, impeccable service and outstanding amenities have hosted distinguished guests from around the world since 1778. The resort features a wide array of amenities and recreational activities, including an elegant, Monte Carlo-style casino, which complements its 200 plus year history.


The Casino Club is discreetly located beneath the front entrance green space in an underground complex and utilizes parts of the building’s historical infrastructure and architecture. In designing and installing the video surveillance system, the objective was to preserve the building’s architectural beauty and integrity, such as the original intricate ceiling design in the Casino Club, while implementing sophisticated IP-based surveillance capabilities. Security management at The Greenbrier required the IP solution to be fully featured, including an intelligent approach to managing the system. The challenge was to provide an IP-based video surveillance and security solution that would be compromise-free, could be implemented within a very aggressive time frame and would meet the very stringent regulations for gaming facilities stipulated by West Virginia Lottery. Additionally, the 100% IP-based design would be the first of its kind in the state and would potentially help set the standard for all future IP-based video surveillance installations in gaming facilities within the state.



NAV’s reputation and experience in designing IP video system solutions and their extensive knowledge of gaming surveillance requirements enabled them to more easily work around the physical constraints of the facility and deliver an uncompromised video surveillance system that provides detailed coverage, control and archiving capabilities.

Coordinating and working with a number of designers and other involved parties to ensure the layout of cameras provided maximum viewing flexibility. The NAV-designed system features approximately 400 network cameras, including a mixture of megapixel and high resolution imaging technologies. The design also includes the enterprise-class Endura video management software by Pelco, which resolved the need for intelligent management of the system. Its flexible, customized formats as well as optimized functionalities for the megapixel cameras and other feature rich functionalities met the Greenbrier’s requirement for greater control of the system. The same thought was applied to the recording portion of the design; cameras are integrated with a powerful recording structure to ensure all available storage is symmetrically utilized.

Work on the design/build was completed within an aggressive time frame to meet the grand opening and was commissioned through the General Contractor, Clancy & Theys, and fully approved by the West Virginia Lottery. Upon successful completion of the project, on time and on budget, the Greenbrier awarded NAV an additional service contract to provide year-round support for the system.

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