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How an Experienced Integrator Can Take the Risk Out of Gaming Compliance

Written by Laurie Smock | Feb 15, 2019 9:20:11 AM

The gaming industry continues to experience growth across the country, which increases the need for the National Indian Gaming Commission and individual states to continually review and enforce compliance regulations, many of which directly relate to the mandated deployment of video surveillance to monitor and document gaming operations.

Gaming regulations can vary widely between states, making the process of designing, installing and maintaining video surveillance and security systems even more challenging to ensure compliance. Here is where an experienced systems integrator with specific experience in providing physical security solutions for the gaming industry can help navigate a complicated landscape where technology and written laws are tightly interwoven.

In addition to following the NIGC standards, it is essential that every gaming organization knows and complies with the regulations mandated by their local regulators and, where applicable, the state level gaming commission. There can be specific state mandates relative to camera type, quantity, placement, frame rate, resolution, and retention periods that exceed the NIGC standards. Failure to comply will expose the casino to significant fines or even immediate closure, a business risk that no casino can afford to take lightly.


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As an example, video retention periods vary from seven days to up to three months, dependent upon the rules in the given jurisdiction. There are also varying requirements based on what the camera is viewing. Progressive Slots, the cage, money routes and high limit gaming areas frequently have longer retention times, with shorter periods for less critical areas. There are also varying rules for the amount of time evidence footage is retained, creating the need for a separate long term storage pool. These factors can have a dramatic effect on the amount of video data storage designed into the system, because the higher the resolution or the longer the archive period, the more storage capacity is required.

Making things even more complicated is the need for cameras to be set to record at increased frame rates and resolutions based on different applications. While these increases also effect the storage capacity requirement, the fluctuation in camera frame rates and resolutions can wreak havoc on network bandwidth, effectively disabling some or all of your system.

Familiarity with NIGC, State, and Tribal regulations is essential for anyone who is tasked with achieving and maintaining compliance in either commercial or the Native American gaming. All of these are compelling reasons to call on the expertise of a systems integration partner who specializes in gaming video surveillance and security to keep your operations up and running smoothly.

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Written by Laurie Smock

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